Registration is ongoing, and you can register for a class at any time! We do not have 'sessions' in our year-round lessons program; classes are always going and you may start your child's classes at any time. 

Daytime, weeknight, and weekend classes are available. Each SwimBabies (ages 2 - 35 months), SwimTots (ages 3-5 years) and SwimKids (ages 6+) class is 30 minutes.  Stealth Stroke Squads (ages 6+) are 45 minutes.  Stealth Mach Squads (ages 6+) are 75 minutes.


SwimKids Aquatics Center, Woodbridge, VA
SwimKids Swim School, Gainesville, VA
SwimKids Swim Schools, Leesburg, VA
SwimKids Swim School, Fredericksburg, VA


Lessons are paid monthly, one full month in advance. When you first register, your fees will be for your first full month of lessons plus a prorated fee for the remaining lessons in the month that you start. (Example: if you register in mid-January, you will pay the prorated amount for January and all of February tuition at the time you register.  On February 1st you will be billed for March tuition).  Fees are listed online by each class when you look at our schedule online. You'll also pay an annual registration fee of $39 when you first register. 

Once you register, your class day and time are yours until you decided to stop. With our EZ Pay system, your monthly fee is debited directly from your credit or debit card each month. If you want to cancel, we require notice via our online withdrawal  form before the 1st of the final month your child will be swimming. (Example: if you wish to stop swimming at the end of August, you must complete our online withdrawal form before August 1st). 

If you do not want to participate in the monthly EZ Pay system or do not use credit or debit cards, three month prepaid packages are available by calling our office. Private lessons are and semi-private lessons are also available by calling our office..

*Flex* Plan: Customers who prefer to have the option of being able to make up missed lessons may choose the *Flex* Plan for an additional $10 per month. The Flex Plan provides the option to make up a one missed lesson per month. Lessons are made up in available spaces in other classes; for example, if you are a weeknight customer, we will offer you another weeknight or weekend class for your make-up. If no classes are available in current classes, we will schedule a make-up class the last week of the month.  If you are in a private or semi-private class, your makeups will be in group classes.

We also offer sibling discounts. Your first child pays the regular fee, and each additional child receives 10% off their monthly tuition.

Spaces are not guaranteed until you register online and receive an email confirming that you are confirmed in a class and your payment has been processed, or you enroll at the swim school in-person or on the phone.

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