SwimKids Aquatics Center, Woodbridge

Splish Splash Baby Class

*All swim lessons & camps have an Annual Registration Fee of $39 per swimmer; Stealth Swim Team Registration is $99 per swimmer.

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Spaces are not guaranteed until you register online and receive an email confirming that you are confirmed in a class and your payment has been processed. You can also enroll in-person at the swim school or over the phone at 703-396-7946 (SWIM).

RegisterSplish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGEMon10:30am-11:00am0.20 - 0.51Monthly Lessons0.00
 Splish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGEMon5:45pm-6:15pm0.17 - 0.42FULLMonthly Lessons0.00
 Splish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGETue10:00am-10:30am0.17 - 0.42FULLMonthly Lessons0.00
 Splish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGETue5:45pm-6:15pm0.17 - 0.42FULLMonthly Lessons0.00
RegisterSplish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGEWed11:30am-12:00pm0.17 - 0.51Monthly Lessons0.00
 Splish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGEWed6:00pm-6:30pm0.17 - 0.42FULLMonthly Lessons0.00
RegisterSplish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGEThu10:00am-10:30am0.17 - 0.53Monthly Lessons0.00
RegisterSplish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGEFri10:30am-11:00am0.17 - 0.51Monthly Lessons0.00
 Splish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGESat8:00am-8:30am0.20 - 0.5FULLMonthly Lessons0.00
RegisterSplish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGESat1:15pm-1:45pm0.17 - 0.422Monthly Lessons0.00
 Splish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGESun10:00am-10:30am0.17 - 0.42FULLMonthly Lessons0.00
 Splish Splash Baby ClassWOODBRIDGESun11:15am-11:45am0.17 - 0.42FULLMonthly Lessons0.00