SwimKids Safety


Health and safety are on the minds of every parent now more than ever. As a local business whose staff lives in the communities we serve, SwimKids is dedicated to the highest safety standards for all students and their families.

Our safety philosophy applies to three categories: Our facilities, our lessons, and our curriculum.

Facility Safety

As our pools are enjoyed by hundreds of children every day, we strive to ensure the highest level of safety within our facilities. This begins with the water. We install cutting-edge ultraviolet disinfection systems in all our pools. (UV kills viruses and microorganisms chlorine can’t handle, like coronavirus and cryptosporidium.)

And the best part? Fewer chemicals means no stinging eyes after a lesson.

UV Pool Filter for Clean Water

Beyond keeping the water in our pools crystal clear, SwimKids is dedicated to keeping our family changing rooms clean and maintaining a healthy and safe viewing area for parents and siblings.

We believe our primary responsibility is providing safe and clean facilities for our member families and constantly work towards achieving this goal.

Lesson Safety

It is completely normal for parents to feel nervous as their child heads towards the pool for their first lesson, especially if they are inexperienced in the water. At SwimKids, this apprehension will dissolve as you see the care and attention our motivated staff of expert instructors provide every student.

During a SwimKids lesson, your child is in good hands.

The majority of SwimKids lessons feature very small classes. We’ve designed our program this way so each swimmer receives constant instructor attention. This level of care is an important factor for swimmer safety during lessons.

SwimKids instructors follow standard plans to ensure safety in each class. For example, classes for our youngest students feature swim docks to keep babies and toddlers safe.

Swimming Safety

Our concern for your child’s safety in the water goes far beyond our pools. Water safety is a key component of our curriculum at every level. This includes proper behavior in and around water, maintaining awareness of water depth, and listening to adults while in the water.

SwimKids teaches your child to love the water, but also to respect it.

UV Light Pool Filter
Crystal Clean
The SwimKids Safety Difference

Ten years ago, our founders had the foresight to build our swimming pool pump rooms and redundant filters with cutting edge inline ultraviolet (UV) systems. They knew these precautions would keep the water cleaner and therefore safer. We use UV light to keep our water crystal clean. (UV kills viruses and microorganisms that chlorine alone can’t handle, like Coronavirus, and cryptosporidium.) We believe our primary responsibility is providing safer water and clean facilities for our member families and are constantly working towards achieving this goal.