Our Philosophy

swim lesson philosophy
Parents sometimes tell us: “I don’t think my child was meant to swim.” SwimKids knows EVERY child can learn to swim with the right instruction.

When parents express frustration about their child’s past lessons, we recognize the problem isn’t with the child or the parents, but rather with the lessons they received. Learning to swim is an important part of every child’s education. Beyond the physical benefits, your child will be exposed to water situations throughout their life — whether it be pools, lakes, or a neighborhood creek. Developing water safety, swimming ability, and above all, conquering fear of the water will offer them the gift of confidence.

An important part of our philosophical approach to swim lessons is understanding children’s psychology. Children learn best when they feel comfortable, safe, and are with an adult actively engaging them in the learning process. We accomplish this with our world-class facilities and instructors.

Our pools stay crystal clear thanks to advanced filtration technology, and our pools are heated to ensure student comfort. Even if your child dips one toe into the bath out of concern for temperature, they’ll be jumping into our pools in no time.

Once in the pool, our instructors keep an upbeat tone throughout their lesson. Classes are very small which means each student receives direct attention and positive reinforcement. Each student is unique, and individualized attention ensures our instructors understand how to help every student achieve success.

Another core tenet of our philosophy is recognizing kids can get bored, a leading cause of failed swim lessons. We avoid this not only by ensuring every lesson is fun, but also by unfolding lessons at the student’s pace — not ours. Students work through the levels of our program seamlessly. They progress as fast or as slow as is appropriate for their own unique abilities. No matter what speed they progress, students are encouraged to do their best with our unique goal-oriented reward system.

A hand stamp every day and a key to our treasure chest of prizes upon reaching the next level will fill your child with enthusiasm. Looking forward to the next lesson with their SwimKids friends and becoming comfortable in the water puts every child on the path to becoming a successful swimmer.