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SwimKids is Committed to Making Swimming Fun & Safe

What can my child expect the first day of swim lessons?

If it is your child’s first time at SwimKids, we recommend you come 10 minutes early your first day. This will give you a chance to meet our helpful team, Site Manager and Coach. You will promote your child’s success if you are not rushed the first day and give your child a few minutes… View Article

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How long will it take for my child to become water safe?

Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. Babies and toddlers who have had positive water experiences early tend to develop faster because they do not develop a fear for the water. Keeping this in mind, the younger they get started, the sooner they will become safe and happy swimmers. Learning to swim… View Article

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At what age should my child learn to swim?

When to Start Swimming Lessons for Kids. Many children begin swimming as infants and there is no doubt the water provides a very special experience for the young child. The SwimKids‘ SwimBabies program begins lessons as young as 6 months of age with a parent. Babies under one year often adapt to the water more… View Article

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Why should children learn to swim?

Learning to swim is an important part of every child’s education. Every child will be exposed to water situations, whether it’s swimming pools, lakes, or the creek behind the house. Becoming water-safe is essential for both parents’ and children’s well-being. In addition to water safety, swimming is a great activity for recreation that can be… View Article

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What is SwimKids Swim School?

SwimKids Swim School was founded in Prince William County, Virginia in 1997 by Dave Tonnesen and Cindy Tonnesen. The SwimKids swim lessons program for ages 3-teenage feature small classes (only 3-5 children per class). The program moves at your child’s pace; as soon as your child achieves the goals of the current level, he or… View Article

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What makes SwimKids unique?

Proven Process Super Friendly Staff Our Lessons aren’t Cookie Cutter Warm Water 88-90 degrees year-round Award Winning, Family Friendly Facilities Cutting Edge UV Technology for Healthy Pool Water all the time Small Class Sizes Immediate Advancement SwimKids swim lessons program for ages 3-teenage feature small classes (only 3-5 children per class)! We teach in WARM… View Article

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