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What makes SwimKids unique?

  1. Proven Process
  2. Super Friendly Staff
  3. Our Lessons aren’t Cookie Cutter
  4. Warm Water 88-90 degrees year-round
  5. Award Winning, Family Friendly Facilities
  6. Cutting Edge UV Technology for Healthy Pool Water all the time
  7. Small Class Sizes
  8. Immediate Advancement

SwimKids swim lessons program for ages 3-teenage feature small classes (only 3-5 children per class)! We teach in WARM WATER pools so that your child remains warm and happy while learning to swim. We use all POSITIVE MOTIVATION, building self-confidence while building swim skills.

Our programs move at your child’s pace; as soon as your child achieves the goals of the current level, he or she will immediately advance to the next level. Each level is broken down into easy to achieve skills so that your child will constantly receive positive reinforcement as they learn to swim.

Our unique GOAL ORIENTED REWARD SYSTEM rewards progress. Your child will earn a hand stamp each day, and will earn a key to our treasure chest for a special prize after each level passed! Your child WILL LEARN TO SWIM at SwimKids and will love it!