Our Facilities

What Makes our Facilities Different?

SwimKids now has multiple facilities serving our local communities, but all of our locations have one consistent mission: delivering the highest level of comfort for our swimmers AND parents.

The heart of every SwimKids location are our pools. We’ve carefully engineered every aspect with leading companies in aquatic safety. By filtering our water with UV light instead of harsh chemicals, we ensure our swimmers enjoy crystal clear water that won’t leave their eyes stinging.

We also make our students comfortable with warm water temperatures and pleasantly warm air. If we could sum up the pool environment at SwimKids in one word, it’s tropical!

But this dedication to comfort and safety goes beyond our water. SwimKids constantly looks for innovations in swim technology to aid our students. For example, our instructors use special docks which enhance baby swim lessons.

Our facilities are made for the whole family.

Every detail of a SwimKids facility is designed for towards swimming success. From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted at the front desk, you will know you are experiencing the best swimming instruction organization in the country. Our dedicated staff, clean facilities, and eye for excellence all come together to contribute to your child’s swimming development.

And every time you see your child smile as they enter SwimKids’ friendly waters, you’ll realize our pool is their home away from home.

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family changing rooms

Family changing rooms

Our changing rooms are also family friendly, providing the space you need to help your child prepare for swim class while managing their brothers and sisters at the same time. We have had enough twins join the SwimKids family to understand the importance of ample space in our changing rooms!

Temperature controlled parent viewing areas.

Much of our facilities work focuses on the students in the pool, but they are only part of the equation. We also emphasize the comfort of our swimmer’s parents and siblings. Every SwimKids facility has a temperature-controlled viewing area with excellent visibility of the entire pool area.

We believe our students should feel comfortable in the pool and their parents should be comfortable watching them. Our viewing areas includes plenty of cozy furniture appropriately spaced to accommodate families large and small, not to mention strollers and diaper bags.

Parent viewing areas
viewing areas

Experience our difference on every level.

We’ve done some extensive work and testing to bring SwimKids families a fun and rewarding experience. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at what it’s like to experience life and swimming at SwimKids.

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