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What is SwimKids Swim School?

SwimKids Swim School was founded in Prince William County, Virginia in 1997 by Dave Tonnesen and Cindy Tonnesen. The SwimKids swim lessons program for ages 3-teenage feature small classes (only 3-5 children per class). The program moves at your child’s pace; as soon as your child achieves the goals of the current level, he or she will earn a prize from our treasure chest for achieving their goal! Each level is broken down into easy to achieve skills so that your child will constantly be receiving positive reinforcement as they learn to swim.

SwimKids believes very strongly in using water education to develop water safety and swimming skills, but also to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal excellence. SwimKids teaches professional swim lessons for all ages in a positive, safe, and motivational environment. We pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of aquatics with excellence in coaching and swimming technique. We acknowledge that each child is unique, and direct the instruction towards each child’s emotional and developmental abilities. Our goal is to help each child develop self-esteem, confidence, and a love for swimming, while teaching them to become water-safe.