Swim Parties

Hey Mom & Dad, Relax. We got this!

Imagine the perfect party for your child. It should be fun, create lifelong happy memories, and avoid adding more stress to your busy life. You may think the ideal get-together doesn’t exist, but we’ve just described swimming pool parties at SwimKids.

A party is about excitement for all and SwimKids delivers fun by the gallon. Every child — no matter how little experience they have in the pool — will have a blast. Our instructors make pool parties fun for everyone while observing our world-class safety standards.

Typically, you’re so busy acting as a party host that you barely have time to watch your child enjoy their special day. But at a SwimKids pool party, you’ll only have one job: watching the festivities unfold from our comfortable lounge. Our SwimKids party host facilitates and takes care of everything, making sure your party will be unforgettable!

No Parties At This Time.

While SwimKids makes it a priority to provide fun and rewarding experiences, we are unable to provide Parties during this unprecedented time. We plan to offer this service again in the future and we remain dedicated to the safety of all members and visitors. 

Thank you for your interest in swim parties with SwimKids. 

Swim Party Rates
Enrolled Families

Non-Enrolled Families

Swim Party Packages Include

Swim Parties accommodate up to 20 children

Extra Child

There is a charge for each child over 20.

Eating Time

Each Swim Party receives 45 minutes of eating time

Changing Time

Every Pool Party includes 20 minutes to change and get ready to swim

Pool Time

Every Swimming Pool Party includes 45 minutes of splashing and swimming.

Good Bye Time

At the end, your pool party includes 10 minutes to change and say good bye to friends.

Food Packages
Let us bring the food

Includes: 3 Pizzas, 20 goodie bags, Juice Boxes, Plates + Napkins + Cutlery


Includes: Quarter Sheet Cake with choice of cake flavor, 3 Pizzas, 20 goodie bags, Juice Boxes, Plates + Napkins + Cutlery

Extra Pizza


party balloons


It’s time to make a splash and incredible memories for the kids!

party balloons
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