Parenting, Water Safety & Child Development…Are you Game???

Baby and Mom swim lesson


Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of five, so water safety is vital in early childhood! To inform us about this important subject, Lucy interviewed Krissy Bartlett. Not only is Krissy a wonderful and calming person, she is also more than qualified to discuss this topic. She is the Regional Manager and Trainer at the Swimkids Swim School in Virginia, has presented at the World Aquatic Baby Conference, and is a part of the Infant Toddler committee for the United States Swim School Association!

Krissy answers questions about water safety (TEACH CHILDREN TO WAIT BEFORE GETTING IN THE WATER), the benefits of starting swimming early (Swimbabies are smart babies), tips to help children develop a relationship with water, and parenthood.


Click this link to here the interview: Water Safety with Krissy Bartlett